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Sustainable Environment, Peaceful Community Coexistence

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b) The Single Narrative: Refugees are parasitic and detrimental to their host communities in terms of exerting pressure on resources and the Eco-system.

The impact: The impact of environmental deterioration on the refugees themselves is intense for example;

-Low-quality water which affects the health of large numbers of people especially in a situation where there is a high risk of infectious diseases multiplying rapidly.

-Deforestation which gradually forces women and children to walk further for wood, exposing them to related forms of violence against them

– Tensions at times leading to conflicts and violence between host and refugee communities inevitably resulting from pressure on the existing sources

The Alternative narrative therefore, is, to look at refugees as potential stakeholders and active players in contributing to and conserving the environment of their host communities for sustained peaceful coexistence. This can be achieved by creating an empowered refugee community with skills and knowledge in protection and conservation of the Eco-system for sustained peaceful coexistence.

The Universe is Our Common Place to Stay: It is Our Collective Responsibility to ensure that we Conserve and Use the Eco System in a Sustainable Manner to Achieve Peaceful Coexistence

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