You are currently viewing VIDEO: The intersection of Climate Change & Women empowerment.

VIDEO: The intersection of Climate Change & Women empowerment.

The Executive Director, CEPCOM -Uganda, Mr. Stephen Kuteesa deliberates on the intersection of Climate change & Women empowerment during an exclusive interview with Smart24tv Uganda team.

He re-emphasizes the fact that women are powerful agents of change, their involvement and leadership into climate action give communities better chances to cope with natural disasters.

Changes in rainfall patterns have severe impacts on agricultural production & 80% of Women are responsible for household food production, collection & storing as well as fuel for cooking & heating without pay… these are responsibilities that take most of their productive time, therefore Actions on climate change should reconsider women contributions and attaching monetary gains on such responsibilities for social and economic empowerment.

CEPCOM-Uganda is therefore working with a section of urban women from Makindye Ssabagabo Municipality to reduce urban flooding through regulated plastic bottle waste disposal, reuse for Homestead
beautification and gardening.
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