My Environment, My Identity
My Environment,
My Identity.
Community Participation to
Regenerate the Environment
through Tree Planting.
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At CEPCOM-Uganda, we work to promote peaceful co-existance and unity among Uganda’s very diverse communities while creating opportunities for socio-economic improvement. We influence targated communities to foster activities that facilitate Protection, Conservation and Regeneration of the ENVIRONMENT to become champions of best Waste Disposal and Recycling methods, thus demystifying the general concept of WASTE.

Our Work

CEPCOM -Uganda: CONNECTING LINKS. From plastic waste collection as a livelihood source and environmental protection pathway to skilled, innovative, empowered Read more
The project is aimed at training women on simple basic kitchen waste disposal methods and making compost manure for small Read more
The project is talent focused, aimed at mobilizing youth to champion activities that promote environmental protection, conservation and regeneration. Read more
This project is aimed at harnessing and strengthening community engagement in plastic waste collection as a livelihood source and pathway Read more

Prevent & Eliminate Indiscriminate Disposal of Domestic Waste.

Out of approx. 1500 tonnes of garbage generated per day in Kampala, only 40% is properly collected!

CEPCOM Uganda prioritizes solid waste collection,innovative reuse and recycle as a source of livelihood through creation of green jobs for individual community members.

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Latest News

This is Kabale District, a quarry at one of the routes to Lake Bunyonyi. 80% of workers here, are women Read more
Centre for Peace and Conflict Mitigation , CEPCOM -Uganda joins other actors to commemorate the World Environment Day under the Read more
Re-purposing and reusing of plastic bottle waste does not only create flair gardening but also cleans the environment as it Read more
Actions on climate change should reconsider women contributions and attaching monetary gains on such responsibilities for social and economic empowerment. Read more

The Impact

A Testimony of Hope

I had become desperate, and my Jjajja' was restless! Thanks to our neighbor who advised Grandmother to visit CEPCOM Uganda offices and share my education challenge. At CEPCOM Uganda, I was counseled and given new hope.

A Changed Mindset

Having been trained about how transforming plastic  waste bottle collection from merely being a filthy job to a more dynamic and promising sustainable source of livelihood.     Muzanganda (Not  real  names) a  member  of  Twezimbe  community  cluster, proudly says, “Plastic waste collection is my office, my salary”

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