The Centre for Peace and Conflict Mitigation (CEPCOM -Uganda) is a registered local Ugandan non-governmental organization (NGO) working since 2009 to promote peaceful coexistence and unity among Uganda’s very diverse communities while creating opportunities for socio-economic improvement.

Since its inception, CEPCOM has consistently striven to promote harmony and peaceful coexistence among communities using human rights-based approaches to conflict mitigation
that focus on removing the underlying causes of conflict rather than treating symptoms.

Doctrine on Environment: The Universe is the Common ‘Home’ therefore; it is everyone’s Collective Responsibility and Obligation to sustainably use it for Peaceful Coexistence.

Overall theme: My Environment, My Identity
CEPCOM has a conviction that the major determinant of a community’s social behavior is the Environment. Therefore, through CEPCOM’s catchphrase, Building Bridges for Peaceful Coexistence, communities have an obligation to foster activities that facilitate protection, conservation and regeneration of the environment.

Strategy and Engagement:
CEPCOM, Uganda employs a community participatory approach through the entire cycle of planning, developing,implementing, monitoring and evaluation of actions and activities
geared towards protection, Conservation and Regeneration of the Environment.

Institutional Objective
Through CEPCOM’s building bridges for peaceful coexistence: a symbiotic relationship between communities and the ecosystem is enhanced for sustainability.Communities are mobilized to Protect, Conserve and Regenerate the environment and in return demystify the general concept of waste. CEPCOM’s perception on waste includes but not limited to a source of livelihood.