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Community members participating in keeping their surrounding clean.

My Environment, My Responsibility: CEPCOM Uganda Commemorates International Peace Day

While the effects of climate change become more and more noticeable, little is yet done to sensitize Ugandan communities on their roles to preserve and protect the ecosystem.

Therefore, recognizing that a healthy ecosystem contributes to a peaceful and healthy community, CEPCOM commemorated  the 2017 International Peace Day under the theme:  My Environment, My Responsibility

The event was attended by 120 (82 male, 38 female) participants including among others:  local government officials, community leaders, security officers, youth, women and children from Seguku township of Wakiso district in Kampala.

Among the key day’s activities, an information session was organized on the roles and responsibilities of the community in preserving and conserving the environment for sustainable peaceful coexistence. Participants appreciated that they are direct stakeholders and advocates for a healthy environment. The event was crowned up with a   demonstrative garbage collection and disposal exercise around the trading centers involving all the participants.   

Participants discovered that there are various ways to make use of items considered waste.  For instance, plastic bottles and bags or paper can be used again while other waste can be separated or recycled. Instead of throwing waste on the streets, it can be taken to collection points which exist in almost every neighbourhood.

CEPCOM has introduced and integrated short sessions on conservation of the ecosystem in all its program activities. The aim is to   promote awareness and build a community where individuals are agents of change and active stakeholders as far as preserving and conserving their environment is concerned. 

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