Our History

CEPCOM was born out of a deep conviction in the minds of very dedicated and passionate people that the refugee problem in Africa is not going anywhere anytime soon, contrary to whatever predictions and assumptions. The growing problem of Europe-bound emigrations, even in great danger to life and safety, only continue to highlight the never ending complexity of the refugee problem in Africa.

It has become clear that the traditional approaches to dealing with this problem are not working.

The future does not lie in resettling African refugees in Europe or other areas of the Diaspora, notwithstanding good intentions. The future lies in creating conditions where Africans can learn to live without unwarranted conflict, to create systems of social justice and good governance where life can be worth living for everyone without people trying to run away from their own problems.

The future lies in what the Europeans and the Americans learnt long ago: that people can live together in mutual tolerance and harmony even if they are vastly different in culture. The future must begin now. And it begins with CEPCOM.

You can be a part of that future by helping to stop the Africans risking lives and spewing the waters of the Mediterranean with their carcases. Work with us today.

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