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Message from the Executive Director

CEPCOM, Executive Director

I take unparalleled pleasure in welcoming you to the official website of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Mitigation (CEPCOM Uganda). As the person at the helm of management,this website as a major milestone in our organizational development, since it gives us a window to the world that we previously did not have

I therefore take it in my stride to invite all our partners and well-wishers to vibrantly interact with us using this new-found forum, as a result making it better as a vehicle for information, education and entertainment.

It is imperative for that reason that we build ours with representations of the most indicative activities of why we exist, while keeping it simple and easily accessible to the myriad individuals and groups who would be interested in what we do. In pictures and videos, as well as in words, we will try our utmost to honestly and consistently depict the ever-changing scope of our work, including our opportunities, experiences and our challenges, so that those who might want to take part in the worthwhile work we are doing have a useful starting point. Above all, we will try to give a resounding voice to our beneficiaries, who are the most important resource we ever hope to have in this kind of work.

Therefore in the interest of all the good work we try to do for the benefit of all Ugandans and the foreigners that live in our midst, I call upon all our visitors to keep visiting, and by their active interface with us in all activities to keep the fire of our zeal burning as we try to bring the inimitable power of love to bear on our conflict-scarred world.

Stephen Kuteesa,
Executive Director,
Centre for Peace and Conflict Mitigation (CEPCOM Uganda),
July 2015.

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