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Who We Are

The Centre for Peace and Conflict Mitigation (CEPCOM -Uganda) is a local Ugandan NGO duly registered with the National Board of Non-Governmental 0rganisations.

CEPCOM provides opportunities for community participation


Established in 2009, CEPCOM has been working to promote peaceful coexistence and unity among Uganda’s very diverse communities, while creating opportunities for socioeconomic improvement for children, youth, and other vulnerable groups within those communities.  

What makes us different from other actors in our field is our focus on the “invisible vulnerable ones” in the sense of their not being served by any established agencies, whether government or, as is often the case, church or other religious entities, and our total commitment to non-discrimination on grounds of sex, race, religion, social or political affiliation in the true spirit of the United Nations.


Empowered society integration for harmonious coexistence.

Our Objectives

  • To empower people with effective conflict mitigation processes to promote social justice and participation
  • To promote local community and civil society capacities in effective conflict mitigation and monitoring for coexistence and integration.
  • To promote and strengthen participation of children and youths as peace builders and agents of change within communities.
  • To promote and strengthen sustainable skills and income generating activities amongst youth and other vulnerable groups for a better livelihood.

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