Simple, Climate Smart Vegetable Growing Techniques

climate smart vegetable gardening
Re-using sacks to grow vegetables

Sacks re-used for vegetable gardening

A Solution to Nutrition Deficiencies among ‘Poor’ Urban Communities of Kampala: Slums in the capital city of Kampala are associated with poor, make shift physical structures, filthy neighborhoods caused by waste littering and pollution yet; slum community –households  are crowded averagely with about five people. With no definite sustainable means of livelihoods, slum communities are faced with a double edged sword. Besides having no access to decent accommodation, slum communities suffer diet deficiencies mainly affecting children and women.

Tapping the Untapped Opportunity

My Environment, My Identity, CEPCOM, Uganda reconsiders Waste as Wealth by recycling.

Through its climate smart agriculture innovation,CEPCOM, Uganda started a pilot demo activity involving training of slum women dwellers on simple and affordable vegetable growing techniques that suits their context aimed at serving a dual purpose of: supplementing their household vegetable dietary requirements as well as, contributing to sustainable environmental use through controlled garbage disposal.

In this practice, household domestic organic waste which would hitherto have been littered, is collected and recycled to form compost manure for simple vegetable growing yet, domestic inorganic waste like used plastics, polyphone and sacks are reused as simple gardens that could be well accommodated in small spaces of individual slum homesteads.

A simple and affordable vegetable growing technique.

This innovation not only; assures constant household supply of vegetables as its not season based, provide home -outdoor beauty blends but  also, checks on individual household waste littering

Join us; as Together We Collectively Conserve Our Environment for sustained Peaceful Coexistence

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