You are currently viewing Sack Vegetable Gardening:  A solution to dietary challenges

Sack Vegetable Gardening:  A solution to dietary challenges

Households in slums are crowded, averagely with about five people. Majority of household heads engage in casual employment which only yields little income for survival. It is by no surprise therefore that; the highest number of health cases related to poor feeding arises from slums especially affecting children and women, all of which, impact on peaceful community coexistence.

Women determine what to include on the day’s diet for their households hence; training them on simple and affordable vegetable growing techniques that suits the environment they live in, would not only be supplementing the diet requirements but, lessening malnutrition cases and the resultant effects. Besides, recycling organic domestic waste in the form of compost manure for vegetable gardening would be an apposite waste management strategy to respond to the challenge of pollution.    >

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