You are currently viewing CEPCOM-Uganda exhibits in Buganda Tourism Expo. 2022.

CEPCOM-Uganda exhibits in Buganda Tourism Expo. 2022.

Through the operational theme, My Environment:My Identity, Centre for Peace and Conflict Mitigation , CEPCOM-Uganda is championing a simplified approach to reuse and re-purpose plastic bottles and other domestic waste.

Simplified reuse and re-purpose of domestic and plastic Waste is one of the cost effective approaches to environmental reservation and regeneration.

The plastic bottle waste and other waste is regenerated into multiple creative user friendly vessels for beautification, gardening and waste bins among others.

CEPCOM -Uganda is therefore showcasing multiple approaches to reuse and re purpose plastic and other waste in a bid to reduce careless & dangerous plastic bottles dumping in communities.


The centre joins exhibitors at this year’s 10 day Buganda Tourism Expo, which took place at Lubiri, Palace, Mengo.

Several people have graced CEPCOM stall seeking more explanation on integrating reuse and re purpose of plastic bottle waste and other domestic waste using simple approaches.

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