You are currently viewing A field interface with Quarry workers around Lake Bunyonyi

A field interface with Quarry workers around Lake Bunyonyi

This is Kabale District, a quarry at one of the routes to Lake Bunyonyi. 80% of workers here, are women & children. Mothers work in company of their children , right from before one year of age. The people here work for food, and other basic needs , they barely have gardens to grow food for household consumption.
One has to physically show up to crack at least 10 basins of stone to earn 10, 000/=( Ten thousand shillings) to be able to buy food and other basic needs for the day. The route to lake Bunyonyi is always emitting a cloud of dust from the tourist vehicles that busy the road all day, the dust mixes up with the quarry dust, turning the workers into dusty bodies.
The executive director Centre for Peace and Conflict Mitigation , Cepcom -Uganda Stephen Kuteesa Stephen Kuteesa had a field interface with the community , to study and establish practical approaches through which the communities could be empowered to gain from the area tourism as a compliment to the quarry earnings and in a long run reduce the rate of stone mining with the related fatal dangers both to human lives and the environment.

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