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Education charity

More than one in ten children living in the developing world never get the chance to go to school. Securing access to basic education for all is one of our main aims. With the 2015 deadline for these goals fast approaching, it’s now more important than ever that we make progress in this area. Our main aim is to ensure access to quality education for the poorest and most marginalised people. But access is not enough. Once in school, children need to be assured of a safe environment enabling them to realise their potential. As a minimum standard, we believe that education must result in sufficient levels of literacy and numeracy. This enables people to lift themselves out of poverty and continue to improve their lives. 

Quality education

Our education programmes work to ensure the various factors necessary for quality education are addressed – teacher education, community involvement in education, classroom construction, development and supply of materials. We help communities to identify the obstacles to education for their children. Overcoming these obstacles plays a pivotal role in our programmes.  

Improving lives

As well as being a fundamental human right, basic education gives people greater economic opportunities and empowers them to lead healthier, more productive lives. One of the most effective ways of improving livelihoods is by increasing access to quality education.