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A Testimony of Hope

My name is Namnsereko Bashira aged 14. I Live in Kikajjo-Kasenge town. I grew up with my Grandmother since childhood. At home, we are a family of five. I have never got a chance to meet my biological parents even when I am told they are still alive.

We survive by the little earnings from Grandmother’s casual work on people’s farms. I joined school at the age of 3 but during the month of March 2020,the time of COVID-19 lock-downs, I was in Primary Six at Kisaana Primary School.

When schools were re-opened after the lock-down in February 2022,my Grandmother could not afford to continue paying my school fees.Our day to day well-being at home became even harder since my ‘Jjajja’ could not take care of us as before.My hopes of finishing Primary Seven(7) collapsed. My future opes of ever becoming a teacher also faded. I was forced to drop out of school.

I became desperate,’Jjajja’ was restless! Thanks to our neighbor who advised Grandmother to visit CEPCOM Uganda offices and share my education challenge. At CEPCOM Uganda, I was counseled and given new hope.

CEPCOM Uganda gave me an opportunity to join the Hands-on skills training in Cosmetology. I also got another opportunity to acquire a skill in Hair Dressing. I am overjoyed and excited.. Even as a trainee, I can get clients to work on.

I am determined to use my hair dressing skills to raise money to support my formal education to achieve my future dream of becoming a teacher.

I will also support my lovely Grandmother. Besides, with this skill,I hope to become one f the greatest future beauticians in Uganda.

Thanks to CEPCOM Uganda for givings us such opportunities to raise our hopes.

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